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General FAQs


  • Who can refer a friend?

    All customers who have received their unique referral code can refer their friends. If you are a customer of ExpressCredit but you have not received your unique referral code please contact us and we will provide it to you.

  • Does the code expire?

    No, this code is unique and permanent assigned to you, it wont change and wont expire.

  • What is an eligible referral?

    You can refer all your friends who are employed, at least 19 year old and are not customer of ExpressCredit already. Eligible referral is a full application submitted at one of our branches: Filled in application form, ID, 3 months bank statement and last stamped payslip. We pay for all full applications regardless if the loan gets approved or not.

  • How can I get my money?

    When the loan officers will process the application and confirm it as eligible you will get a text message confirming that your money has been disbursed in your bank account. If you wish to receive your money in a different bank account than the one you used to apply for a loan with us please contact us.

  • Is there a limit of friends I can refer?

    There is no limit on referrals!

  • I don’t remember my code?

    You can always contact us to get your code resent either to text message, email or just over the phone.

  • How much you pay per referral?

    We pay flat 50NAD fee per every eligible referral.